Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Here's A Clue — Mystery Blanket Stitch-Along

Mystery Blanket
The 16 squares that make up this blanket are issued four at a time, and named for famous mystery authors instead of their stitch name. You won’t know which block you’re knitting until you complete the first row repeat. Once you have completed all sixteen squares, the real names of the stitches will be revealed along with their images, so you can match your knitted swatch with the square accompanying the author and their famous works. You’ll learn complex pattern instruction while building up your stitch repertoire — from simple knit and purl to backwards knit, cables, cross stitches, knit/purl, chevron, and even lace. Stitch your 16 completed blocks together to make a multi-textured baby blanket.

For some added fun I have named each square for a mystery writer of some fame or another and details will include their life span and a title of one of their well known works - it could be book, screenplays or television. You may refer to each square by the mystery name until you have completed the first row repeat of the square. The real name of the square will be revealed on the fifth and final download. Some of the favorite authors you have mentioned are Raymond Chandler, Walter Mosley, Edgar Allen Poe, Donna Leon and P. D. James.

Click here to download the free pattern.
You can choose any worsted weight yarn - Karabella - Aurora 8 is machine washable and you can knit a Square and a half out of one ball. Or you can use Berocco's Ultra alpaca which will yield you approximately three squares per hank. Knit it in one color or as many as you like and make the blanket.

Feel free to drop into the store on Wednesdays between the hours of 4:00 - 6:30pm if you need help and you have purchased the yarn from Stitch Therapy.