Sunday, August 7, 2011


Derbra's Mystery Blanket
Stitch play was not the only idea behind the Stitch Therapy Mystery Blanket Stitch-Along but of course the benefit is seeing how much you know as a knitter. Reading stitch instructions and executing the different increases and decreases is most of the work, the added value is selecting the colors - We all have a personal palette colors that we are drawn to on a the regular, this blanket gives you many choices -- Debra picked and tones with a touch of robin's egg blue. 

Take the opportunity to experiment with a variety of hues from your surroundings, choose the colors from your livingroom rug or from the palette that floods your closet.  In this blanket your options are endless, some people have a favorite color and it may have been their favorite since childhood. Multi-color, solid or a combination of both as the stitch reveals itself

Use the button on to show your participation.

If you need help the knitting circles will begin again at the end of  September.