Friday, April 3, 2009

Notes On A Sleeve

I love the spiral effect of this stitch pattern, but I let it fool me into thinking that it was more than an optical illusion. It took me four tries to get it right because I assumed the spiral would shift past my ring marker. This is a fun and quick stitch repeat once you settle into it, but be careful not to miss a single "yarnover".

Heads up, the left sleeve is knit in reverse - simple and fun!


Sisters of the Twisted Purl said...

Just received my copy of FGK; went right to the pattern; became totally overwhelmed; remembered some of my friends are knitting this and that they actually have patience. Feeling better already.

I'm not starting it right now, so I get to "take it in" and learn to enjoy it. There now...breathing easier already.

rocio said...

hello, i've just joined this Knit Along. i am in the thick of it and have gotten stuck. i was wondering if anyone has gotten to the picking up stitches along the right and left front edges yet?
i am at that point and have noticed that i have 44 slipped stitches along the edge, not the 59 that the instructions say to pick up. i counted, and I have 87 rows from the bottom, which the instructions say is correct. if a stitch is slipped at the beginning of every row, that would make 44. am i missing something? do we pick up 2 stitches in every other slipped stitch?

Maxcine said...

I ran into the same problem you can fit in the pattern count - the usual formula for picking up stitches is 3 stitches to 4 rows but you can squeeze stitches in inbetween the slipped stitches - neatness counts and don't crowd the stitches at the top or the bottom of the edges.

rocio said...

thank you so much for responding! i was really stuck. i think this project is way beyond my skill level, but i couldn't resist because it is so beautiful. i am learning a lot doing it.