Monday, June 8, 2009


Squeezing in a row repeat at every opportunity, I have now completed the lower body chart. The center shaping of the lower back reminds me of the ace of spades in a royal flush, and Stella's combination of a basic Seed with the Spiral stitch knit up into beautiful hills and valleys.

The sleeves were great preparation for the easy flow that comes while kniting the Stella. Just like the sleeves the center point of the back sends the Spiral stitch into opposing directions. Although I was not misinformed I somehow missed the fact that the back of this sweater was knit higher than the two front panels.

Think ahead if you want to make the back longer and do it within the first eight rows of the lower body chart by adding additional row repeats before the back shaping begins.

Note: Mark and keep a count of the additional rows for the front edge stitch pick-up.
Because I missed the initial opportunity to cover me bum I added additional row repeats in the body by repeating rows five to eight of the right and left front chart an additional four times.

Once the lower body is knit you will fly through the rest of the body with a quick knit thanks to the patch of Seed stitch at the top center back.

This week I attached the sleeves and began knitting the yoke.