Friday, June 26, 2009


Monday is my day off and in the afternoon I was enjoying my Mountain Peak coffee and getting ready to begin the final approach to the addictive knit when I noticed that my stitch count was slightly off and that the back of the jacket was off center.

Where did I go wrong?!

After counting the stitches four times I began to unravel the Stella yoke. My plan was to finish Stella that morning, but when I joined the sleeves to the body I had miscounted the stitches across the back of the jacket.

I do have a habit of jumping ten digits while counting by two's, but my recounts usually fix the problem. Fortunately, I had left the scrap yarn in the sleeve stitches so that reduced some of my fears of recovering the Spiral stitches in the body.

All has not ended well. I did re-knit what I ripped out, but I have decided to give Stella a rest for a few days with a 29" long circular 8 at the base of the neckline. She is draped on the mannequin as part of the permanent collection at Stitch Therapy, with her yarn still attached.

That'll teach her.